Services & custom solutions

We are a multidisciplinary team with a skillset that ranges from I&D, mechanics , robotics and industrial automation.
We work with various industry branches in a way they complement each other harmoniously:

Our skillset is available for application with independent or integrated options

Consulting | Project Management

We offer a complete consulting services from drawing to industrial deployment. The accumulated know-how gathered across industry sectors embody a multidisciplinary team capable of delivering a project from inception and all the global management requirements to deliver excellent outcomes.

Serviços de I&D e Patentes | ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação

I&D | Patents

We perform I&D Projects , providing our clients width solutions to fit and enhance their needs while ensuring profitability and a competitive edge. Your obstacles are our challenge.


A specialized industrial automation team capable of create and implementing full end to end systems, automatos programing, custom electric boards, electric and communications networks.

Serviços de Automação Industrial | ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação
Serviços de Logistica | ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação


We study logictic processes in an overall scope so we can present improvements in the flows of processes and communications. This results in a significant increase of business organization and productivity.


We perform surveys to identify within the aggregated process places where could be addressed for improvement After a detailed analysis we propose the specific improvemnts need that could be addresed case to case. We develop full production lines and integrate with exisiting lines . We produce and design specifc machines specialy developed to improve performance and provide solutions to our clients dificuld needs.

Serviços de Linhas de Produção | ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação
Serviços de Software à Medida| ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação


We develop software to specific applications.


We perform free surveys to provide problem solving solutions with automation and speed process performance. Increase productivity and your business technological level, soft installments allowing you to reduce costs and generate value.

Serviços de Desenvolvimento de Produto | ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação


We have a multidisciplinary team from design to full product development cable to developing an idea from inception to a full industrialized final product. Our Know-How and advanced production processes experience serve us as a base for excellence in developing and connecting a product.


Equipment Certification – CE , user manuals , electric, pneumatic and hydraulic schematics.

Serviços de Certificação | ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação


We perform test to parts, structures, and mechanisms. Sizening, Stress tests, and operational testing.


We offer a wide range of consulting services complementing meintenance. The foundation of our team is quality technical support. Place your equipment in good hands.

Serviços de Manutenção | ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação