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The use of robots allows you to reduce the boring, heavy lifting and prone to accident tasks.
The Robotic Cornering Cell enables you to increase production while assuring product standards.

Through a system with a bending machine, a robot, a gripper and a linear movement axis, it is possible to automatically carry out sheet metal bending operations, without the need for an operator.

Robot Quinagem: Acessórios - Robótica | ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação


+ Flexibility

+ Productivity

+ Quality

+ Speed

Feel the return of automation!

As the robot automatically feeds the metal sheets to the machine, it is possible to obtain greater dimensional accuracy, as well as greater product uniformity. The fact that the robot is coupled to a linear displacement axis offers greater coverage of the work area. In this way, it is possible to carry out an automatic tool change and simultaneously execute parts with different geometries.

Also, the ESI robotic bending cell allows the execution of offline programming, which results in better planning.

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Robot Quinagem - Robótica | ESI - Engenharia, soluções e inovação
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