Industrial Robots: systems & custom solutions

Robotic = Productivity
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Integration of Robotics is a key role for the development while preserving the heritage of industry and still guarantee competitivity, lower production costs and quick turnover on investment.


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This welding Cell combines experienced welder’s knowledge in a easy to use automation to an efficient and competitive automated welding process. This Customizable Robot cell proves that welding doesn’t need to be an expensive or complex bourden.

The use of robots allows you to reduce the boring, heavy lifting and prone to accident tasks.
The Robotic Cornering Cell enables you to increase production while assuring product standard.

As an ensure to the encreasing market request , ESI is presents conpletely perfected solutions for industrial production.
We’ve develop equipment from the ground up to produce significantly more productivity.
Corking process automation allows us to save up to 30% of transport volume.

We develop full-automatic packaging lines. Industry4.0 implementations as well as diverse isolated systems; pick&place, robot cells, palleting, automated cargo transport, self guided AGV’s vehicle systems, quality control.

Use robotics for polishing applications! Pressure control is a key part of the robots programming, so it assures a consistent clean polishing performance throughout regular and irregular surfaces.

This system brings with itself the typical elements of CNC command that anyone with CNC experience can assume promptly the robots control. Other features could be applied: heat cut ,for additional production and others.

With High performance and flexibility, plastic injection robotisation as become more than frequent now days. Enable the processes for complex part production with injected metallic and in-print moulding. graphic applications during the process of injection. Handled with precision components placed on an injector. Removing machinery parts , performing cut and separation of gitos, assembly of components, quality control, grouping and packaging.

Automated CNC Pipe bending cell with robotic arm, dynamises with high performance the complete process of pipe bending without the need of an operator.

We implement self guided AGV’s vehicle systems
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